Stellar Radiation

In this EBook we discuss the importance of Electro-Magnetic Radiation for Astronomy
Tags Astronomy, Electro-Magnetic Radiation, spectrum, visible light, Infrared, micro wave, ultra-violet, radio, x-ray, gamma ray, Wave-Particle duality, refraction, diffraction, reflection, James Maxwell, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, photon, quantum, wavelength, frequency, speed of light, nuclear fusion, spectroscopy, spectrograph, black body radiation, star colour, absorption lines, emission lines, atom, nucleus, electron, chemical elements, stellar spectrum, line spectrum, absorption spectrum, emission spectrum, ionisation, spectral classification, luminosity, brightness, magnitude, stellar temperature, stellar mass, Annie Cannon, Ejnar Hertzsprung, Henry Russell, HR-diagram, main sequence, red giants, super red giants, white dwarfs, supernova.
Author(s) EV
First Published April 2008
This Edition - 2.1 October 2018

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