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Stellar Evolution

In this EBook we discuss how stars form and evolve throughout their lifetime.
Tags Astronomy, Stellar evolution, EM-spectrum, spectral lines, star formation, molecular cloud, star burst, proto-star, nucleosynthesis, fusion, Orion nebula, Crab nebula, multi-wavelength, plasma, ionisation, nucleus, electron, strong nuclear force, proton, neutron, proton-proton cycle, CNO cycle, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, main sequence, red dwarf, giant, red giant, super giant, blue giant, white dwarf, core collapse, supernova, neutron star, black hole, luminosity, spectral class, brown dwarf, black dwarf, shell fusion, triple-alpha process, planetary nebula, electron degeneracy, neutron degeneracy, Chandrasekhar limit, Pauli exclusion principle, hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen, neon, magnesium, silicon, sulphur, iron, pulsar, event horizon, schwarzschild radius, type Ia, type Ib, type Ic, type II, light curve, metallicity, thermal runaway, horizontal branch, asymptotic giant branch, Gaia spacecraft, cosmic alchemy, cosmic ray fission.
Prerequisites Our EBook Stellar Radiation (spectra, HR-diagram)
Author(s) EV
First Published June 2008
This Edition - 3.0 November 2018

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