Stellar Distance

In this EBook we discuss how we measure distance to celestial objects.
Tags Astronomy, distance, units of distance, Parsec, cosmic distance ladder, trigonometric parallax, spectroscopic parallax, heliocentric parallax, Hipparchus, Hipparcos, GAIA, proper motion, luminosity, flux, inverse square law, apparent magnitude, absolute magnitude, distance modulus, standard candles, spectral class, luminosity class, Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, main sequence fitting, cluster fitting, Cepheid variables, RR Lyrae variables, Tully-Fisher relation, Type IA supernovae, optical redshift, Doppler effect, radial velocity, Barnard's star, cosmological redshift, expanding universe, Hubble's Law, Hubble's constant, cosmological model, cosmological distance, light travel time, comoving distance, angular diameter distance, luminosity distance, gravitational lens time delay, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect, gravitational wave astronomy, observable universe, visible universe.
Prerequisites EBooks Stellar Radiation; Stellar Evolution
Author(s) EV
First Published April 2008
This Edition - 4.0 December 2021

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