Going Deep Course

In this course we travel all the way out to the edge of the observable Universe.
Being updated to Version 6.

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Exploring the Universe Course introduction; Island Universes, Measuring distance, Space & Time; Telescopes as time machines; What can we know? Korulogo 75png
Exploring the Deep From our nearest neighbour the Andromeda galaxy all the way to the edge; Groups, Clusters, Superclusters, Filaments, Walls and Voids. The observable Universe. Korulogo 75png
Deep Sky Surveys How do we know this structure? The major Deep Sky Surveys or Redshift Surveys and instrumentation. Evidence for Dark Matter in deep space. Computer simulations to understand the large scale structure of the Universe. Korulogo 75png
About Galaxies Galaxy classification: Hubble sequence and modern classification. Galaxy evolution. Galaxy formation in the early Universe. Computer simulations of galaxy interactions. Korulogo 75png
The Expanding Universe Discovery of and Imagining expansion, understanding Hubble's Law, Cosmological redshift, modern research, current status of the Hubble parameter. Korulogo 75png
Distance in an Expanding Universe Cosmological redshift and a cosmological model, what is distance in an expanding Universe? Working with cosmological redshift, independent distance techniques, the observable Universe. Korulogo 75png
Big Bang Cosmology Brief history. General Relativity as the foundation. Cosmological Principle, Friedmann, Lemaître, Robertson, Walker. Energy density and Critical density. The makeup of the Universe. Korulogo 75png
Cosmic Microwave Background Discovery, origin of the CMB, observations, significance for cosmology. Korulogo 75png
Observational Cosmology Discovery of acceleration, standard candles and standard rulers, type Ia Supernovae, using the CMB, benchmark model, Big Bang nucleosynthesis, cosmic history from very early Universe until ultimate fate. Korulogo 75png
The Mysterious Universe First mysteries: flatness, horizon and magnetic monopole problems. A solution: Inflation?. Antimatter problem. Discrepancy in H0. Dark Matter, Dark Energy. Planned new observations. Epilogue to the course. Korulogo 75png