Exploring the Solar System Course

In this course we travel virtually through our Solar System, visiting planets, and many moons, minor planets, asteroids, and comets. 
Version 6.

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What System? What is systematic in our Solar System, a bird's eye view; A sense of Scale and Emptiness. Korulogo 75png
Orbits Kepler's eureka moment; Newton's mountain in a modern form; Closed and Open orbits and a primer in conic sections; Einstein's happiest moment; the hoax of microgravity and the real reason why astronauts/taikonauts are weightless. Korulogo 75png
Formation and Evolution How the Sun and Solar System formed. How did it all come about? Formation Theory of the Solar System. Future of the Sun. Future of planet Earth. Korulogo 75png
The Sun - our Star Early science. Life Cycle. Mass and Rotation. Structure. Solar activity. Solar Cycle. Space missions. Korulogo 75png
Nuclear Fusion in Stars The powerhouse of the Universe. The basic principles of nuclear Fusion explained (also for those who never took physics). How we are trying to do the same on Earth. Korulogo 75png
The Planets Size and Scale. Orbits and Rotation. Rocky planets and their properties. Gas planets and their properties. Short overview of each planet individually. Korulogo 75png

Mars in Depth -
In Space

Orbit; Rotation and Seasons; How to travel to Mars - Transfer Orbit, Launch Window; Entry, Descent and Landing; History of Exploration Korulogo 75png
Mars in Depth - Closeup Atmosphere; Wind and Dust; Gravity; Radiation; Topography; Areological History; History of Water and where it is now. Korulogo 75png
Mars in Depth - Science How it started with Viking; Climate Cycles; Early Mars' Atmosphere; Where is all the CO2? Magnetic Field. Korulogo 75png
Mars in Depth - Exploring All the missions - Summary; Operational missions; Exploring from Orbit; Exploring at the Surface; Future Exploration. Korulogo 75png
Jupiter History of Exploration. Galileo and Juno missions in detail. Korulogo 75png
Moons of the Solar System Overview of the many moons in the Solar System. Discussion of several of the larger moons in detail. Korulogo 75png
Small Worlds
Part 1
Definitions and Classification.  Importance of the small worlds. Inner Solar System. Near Earth Objects and Hazards. Meteoroids, Meteors and Meteorites. Main Asteroid Belt.  Previous, current and proposed missions to asteroids and results. Korulogo 75png
Small Worlds
Part 2
Outer Solar System. Trans Neptunians and Kuiper Belt. Pluto and its companions. New Horizons mission. Planet Nine. Comets and the Oort Cloud. Previous and current missions to comets with results. Interstellar visitors. Korulogo 75png
Search for Life What is Life? Building blocks of Life. Environments for Life. How to define Alien Life? What have we found on Mars, Europa, Enceladus, Titan? Where should we go next. Planetary Protection. Korulogo 75png