A Collection of Study Notes

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Physics Year 13

Summary AC

Summary DC

Summary Electricity

Summary Linear Motion

Summary Rotational Motion and Energy

Summary Circular  Motion

Comparison Linear Rotational Motion

Summary Magnetism

Summary Waves

Summary SHM

Summary Modern Physics

Tutorial Modern Physics

Summary Rotational Motion and Energy with test

Summary Rotational Motion and Energy with test (teacher)

The circular satellite orbit

The Electron Volt

Binding Energy

Centre of Mass


Half life

Prefixes and Symbols

Scientific Notation

SI Units

Calculus Year 13

Summary 1 Algebra

Summary 2 Binomials, Functions

Summary 3 Geometry

Summary 4 Trigonometry

Summary 5 Differentiation

Summary 6 Conic Sections

Summary 7 Complex Numbers

Summary 8 Parameters

Summary 9 Integration

Graphing Conic Sections

Stationary Points

Set theory - Number systems

Tutorial Differential Equations