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Falling in Space

A comprehensive primer on the technique of space travel, i.e. how we travel from A to B in space.
Tags Astronomy, orbits, trajectories, orbital motion, gravity, gravitational constant, weightless, ISS, Newton, satellites, satellite orbit, geostationary, Earth orbit, Principia, ellipse, elliptic orbit, Kepler, escape velocity, conic sections, hohmann transfer, apsides, rendezvous, Buzz Aldrin, Mars, Curiosity, gravity assist, Jupiter, Lagrange, lagrangian points, L-points, two-body problem, three-body problem, Trojans, space missions, Cassini, Saturn, Juno, Jupiter, New Horizons, Pluto-Charon, Kuiper Belt, Messenger, Mercury, Grail, Moon, Luna, accelerated spaceflight, ion thruster, electric propulsion, Dawn, Vesta, Ceres, hall thruster, Roger Shawyer, EM drive, Cannae drive, Star shot.
Author(s) EV
First Published November 2016
This Edition - 2.1 January 2018

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