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A Sense of Scale 3.0 Building a scale model of the Universe, is that possible? Korulogo 75png
Matariki 3.2 The heliacal rising of the open star cluster Pleiades and how that relates to the New Year celebrations of the New Zealand Māori Korulogo 75png
Falling in Space 2.1 A primer in Orbital mechanics; How to travel from A to B in space. Korulogo 75png
Stellar Radiation 2.1 The importance of EM-radiation for astronomy, absorption and emission lines, spectroscopy, HR-diagram. Korulogo 75png
Stellar Evolution 3.0 How stars are formed, spend most of their lifetime and how they "die" and mapping of these processes on the HR-diagram. How are the chemical elements formed. Korulogo 75png
Stellar Distance 4.0
There is no single technique to measure distance in the Universe. Astronomers use the term Cosmic Distance Ladder. We are going to climb that ladder. Korulogo 75png
Magnitude & Distance 3.0 How distance to celestial objects can be obtained from the object's luminosity or magnitude. We discuss flux; magnitude scale; distance modulus; standard candles. Korulogo 75png