Astrophotography and Video Astronomy

How to get started with this great hobby and make your own images of the Moon, planets, stars and deepspace objects.
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How To Take A Simple Astro-Photo
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Podcast (mp3) of an interview with expert astrophotographer Jerry Lodriguss, in which he shares the basics of taking a simple but quite lovely photo of the night sky with a digital camera without a telescope.

Beginner's Guide to Astrophotography
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Good short article by’s Joe Rao.

Astrophotography Primer
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Sky & Telscope's Free Astrophotography Primer to photographing the planets, stars, nebulae and galaxies.

Astrophotography’s Basics
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Four techniques for astrophotography on the Astronomy for Beginners’ website.

Astrophotography Equipment
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This is a six part series of instructional videos on YouTube to help you get started in Astrophotography.

Basics of Video Astronomy
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Astronomical video cameras give real-time, full-colour views of deep-sky objects with an amazingly high sensitivity that effectively triples the aperture of a small telescope, even in highly light-polluted skies.
A few articles take a look at deep-sky video astronomy and see if it’s something that might make sense for you.

Nightscape photography
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Interview with Alan Dyer about the secrets of nightscape imaging. It is a combination of landscape and astrophotography. Alan is the author of the multi-media guide called "Nightscapes and Timelapses".

Smartphone Astrophotography
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Some good advice on how to use the camera in your phone for astrophotography.