Ask an Astronomer

There are several places on the web where you can ask questions about Astronomy or Space Science, which will be dealt with by professional astronomers. However many of these services have been discontinued over time because of the workload this creates for busy professionals.

DATABASES - Some links to Q and A databases
Before asking a question look in any of the databases linked below if your question has already been answered.

Several professional astronomy sites have published a database with Q’s and A’s that can be searched. Some of these are also included in the website links below.

Cool Cosmos
Cool Cosmos for Juniors
Cornell University  
Astronomy Cafe
Ask the Space Scientist
University of California Lick Observatory

WEBSITES - Links to Ask an Astronomer Websites where you can ask a question

NASA Imagine the Universe
University of California Lick Observatory
Windowpane Observatory
University of Toronto

Google “ask an astronomer” or your specific question. This may find you what you are after elsewhere on the web.
If neither of the above links or suggestions give a satisfactory response to a question you have, we can arrange for a response on a case-by-case basis within New Zealand. There is no guarantee, but we will give it our best effort and pass on your question to a specialist.

Contact us here with your question.