Pluto topography (New Horizons)
Titan above Saturn's rings (Cassini)
Jupiter and Ganymede (HST)
Horsehead nebula (HST)
Sombrero galaxy (HST)
Jupiter (Juno)
Vela supernova remnant (Stephen Chadwick)
Saturn closeup (Cassini)
Occam crater on Ceres (Dawn)
Nightscape (Mark Gee)
Mars weather (MRO)
Jupiter (Juno)
Helix nebula in IR (Vista)
Earth and Moon from Saturn (Cassini)
Andromeda galaxy (Robert Gendler)
Titan and ring shadow (Cassini)
Pluto mountains and plains (New Horizons)
Sunset on Mars (Spirit rover)
Victoria crater on Mars (Erik Wernquist)
Geysers on Enceladus (Cassini)
Ligeia Mare on Titan (Cassini)
Saturn's moon Epimetheus (Cassini)
Crater slope on Mars (MRO)
Rhea in front of Titan (Cassini)
The Nile at night (ISS)
Flyby Pluto (New Horizons)
Carina Nebula in IR (HST)
Aurora on Saturn (Cassini)
Neptune's moon Triton (Voyager 2)
Saturn's moon Hyperion (Cassini)
Earth setting on Moon (Kaguya)
Carina Nebula (HST)
Saturn's moon Enceladus (Cassini)
Eta Carinae (Stephen Chadwick)

A collection of Study Notes

from my days of teaching Physics and Calculus at senior secondary school. They are certainly not only relevant for students of Astronomy or Space Science (which is the main focus of this website), but having these notes lying around, we might as well make them available to anyone interested (students and educators). They could e.g. be useful for students while preparing for final exams as well as for monitoring their progress throughout the study year.

As all content on this site, this work is licenced under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

by nc sa1Click on the icon in the column "Download" in either of the tables below to download the pdf.
Make sure to scroll down to see them all.

 Study Notes Calculus Yr13

Click on icon in column Download and the document (pdf) will download
Summary Algebra  
Summary Binomials & Functions  
Summary Geometry  
Summary Trigonometry  
Summary Differentiation  
Summary Conic Sections  
Summary Complex Numbers  
Summary Parameters  
Summary Integration  
Graphing Conic Sections  
Stationary Points  
Set Theory & Number Systems  
Tutorial Differential Equations  

 Study Notes Physics Yr13

Click on icon in column Download and the document (pdf) will download
Summary AC  
Summary DC  
Summary Electricity  
Summary Linear Motion  
Summary Rotational Motion & Energy  
Summary Circular Motion  
Comparison Linear and Rotational Motion  
Summary Magnetism  
Summary Waves  
Summary Simple Harmonic Motion  
Summary Nuclear and Atomic Physics  
Tutorial Nuclear and Atomic Physics  
Practice Test Rotational Motion & Energy  
Practice Test Rotational Motion & Energy (teacher)  
The Circular Satellite Orbit  
The Electron Volt  
Binding Energy  
Centre of Mass  
Half Life  
Prefixes & Symbols  
SI Units  

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