EBooks in development

Based on the pride we take in our first EBook "Solar System" and its newer versions, we are working on additional EBooks to complement our collection. Creating an EBook, apart from all the technical aspects,  is very similar to writing an ordinary book and requires a major investment in time. As it is all based on voluntary, unpaid work we cannot give an accurate estimate of when additional EBooks will be available. That also depends on how we are able to recover some of our material costs from the turnover of our existing EBook components.
In addition we are devoting time to expanding our collection of Free Resources.

Two ideas for new EBooks we presently have on our work bench are:

  • An EBook  “Beyond the Solar system” that will cover our galaxy the Milky Way, galaxies in general, and the large scale structure of the Universe. An introduction to cosmology will also be included.
  • An EBook  on “Space Exploration” involving the principles of satellite orbits and space navigation, various types of manned and unmanned space missions, purpose, accomplishments and outlook of space exploration.

We look forward to any constructive suggestions or offers for support from volunteers.
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Watch this space and our news section for further information.

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