Solar system, version 2.2

The EBook “Solar System” is a comprehensive resource about our Solar System. We frequently update it to follow recent developments in Solar system astronomy. It discusses its origin and life cycle, the Sun, Planets, Moons and other bodies
in 10 chapters and 58 pages. Besides the many illustrations it contains:

  1. 25 movie clips
  2. 8 interactive self tests
  3. Many hyperlinks to our Glossary on Astronomy and quality external websites.

The EBook is accompanied by a set of 12 PowerPoint Slide shows that match the progression throughout the Ebook and can be used as a complete and alternative teaching and learning resource.

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Package contents

This product consists of 2 CD's.

Disc one: the complete EBook

The EBook runs like a web site on any computer that can browse the internet (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or similar browser programme). The only browser add-on required for animated and interactive content is Adobe Flash version 8 or higher. Full requirements and installation instructions can be found in the Readme file on the disc.

Disc two: 12 PowerPoint presentations

The PowerPoint presentations that accompany this EBook are self sufficient and do not require to have Microsoft PowerPoint installed. The folder for each presentation contains the (freeware) PowerPoint Viewer that is used. Installation  and operating instructions can be found in the Readme file on the disc.


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