An EBook, as we define it, is a comprehensive learning resource that is computer-based and runs like a website. In contrast to a printed book, an EBook contains multi-media components (animations, sound, video clips, etc.) and allows for inter-active components, such as hyperlinks, self tests. These features make an EBook not only much more interesting, but also much more effective as a learning resource for most students.

Our EBooks can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. For self study (often under guidance)
  2. In the classroom (individual or group lab-work under supervision)
  3. In the classroom (as a teacher resource in traditional teaching)

Our EBooks are available as a Site License that is only available through this website.
This entitles you to

  1. Install the EBook on a network or any computer on your premises
  2. Make a derivative for your own use
But it is not permitted to distribute the EBook in any form outside your home or organisation.
While ordering you must agree to the Site License Terms & Conditions.

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