Ngā whetū Resources: Supporting Astronomy Education (Tuarā Kuranga o Tatāi Arorangi)

Nga Whetu Resources
Ngā Whetū Resources supports Education in Astronomy by developing
computer based resources for anyone who wants to teach or study astronomy.

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EBooks are comprehensive, computer based multi media learning resources with inter-active components, such as quizzes and self tests. These features make an EBook an interesting and effective learning resource. EBooks are available as a site license.

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Free Resources

These are units that typically cover one specific topic in Astronomy. They are in the same format as our EBooks. The Free Resources can be run directly from this website or can be downloaded as a zip file.

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We maintain a glossary on astronomy on this website. It is frequently updated and expanded and is used with hyperlinks from our resources. We also encourage educators who write their own material to make use of this glossary, either for manual search or through hyperlinks from their own resources. We also welcome contributions to our Glossary.

Ngā Whetū - the Stars

“Astronomy is an excellent vehicle to promote
technical sciences at school and in the home” 

Erik Vermaat,
Managing Director of Ngā Whetū Resources,
in the
Oxford Area School Observatory,
North Canterbury, New Zealand.                   photo: S.K.

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